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Call for Irish entries for the European Green Cities Award

Call for Irish entries for the European Green Cities Award

More Green Cities Europe (Ireland)

The More Green Cities for Europe campaign in Ireland  is currently calling for submissions from projects that demonstrate the best use of the added value of green infrastructures in the living environment for the European Green Cities Award.

The European Green Cities Award encourages successful, ambitious, inspiring and innovative green infrastructures projects. The Award is an initiative of the European Nurserystock Association (ENA) together with nursery organisations in 13 European countries united in the international program “More Green Cities for Europe”. In this program, 13 European countries work together to highlight the added value of green space in the urban environment. In Ireland, the programme is led by Bord Bia, in partnership with the Irish Hardy Nursery Stock Association.

Each European country in this program can delegate a national project for the European Green Cities Award.

The projects will be judged by a jury that consists of a delegated jury member from each participating country in this Award.

Eligible projects are very diverse. From school grounds to business parks and from hospitals to residential areas. Characteristic of the competing projects is that indoor and/or outdoor greenery has an important added value for users and the environment. This added value can be found in various areas such as real estate value, labour productivity, biodiversity, identity, climate control, future-proofing and the health and well-being of people.

More information about the European Green Cities Award is available here.

The application form is available to download here.

Queries relating to the awards can be sent to

Deadline for submissions: 5pm on Thursday, 26th August 2021

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